Online classes

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of online streamed classes and a library of recorded content at our dedicated website With a timetable full of different teachers offering classes via Zoom and streaming services via Vimeo you can opt to either attend a live class or access our library of recorded content in 10minute, 30minute, 45minute and 60minute length. Giving you the option to choose when you wish to practice.  A range of yoga styles is available including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and specialist yoga classes such as chair yoga. We also have a range of Pilates classes, Yoga for walkers, cyclists and runners plus meditation and song bath sessions. New content is recorded and uploaded every week and we also have special courses such as Mindfulness with Simon Centofanti Sign up today and try our online services with our 7 day free trial.

Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus – January 2021 In accordance with the national lockdown requirements, our venue is currently closed. Please see our post about online streaming and recorded classes that we are currently running and we will re-open our studio when the Government says we are allowed to do so.